7 December 2018

Information for civil union couples who have married

Married couples who were previously in registered civil unions under the Civil Unions Act 2012 should be aware that entering a marriage could have invalidated legal documents that reference your civil union. For example, a will or enduring power of attorney that contemplates entry into, or references, your civil union.

Civil union couples who have married, or are considering doing so, should seek independent legal advice to confirm all relevant legal documents reflect their new legal relationship.

The Public Trustee and Guardian has committed to waiving the fee for updating a will or enduring power of attorney that is or may be invalidated as a consequence of a civil union couple entering a marriage.

Access Canberra has also committed to waiving the fee for the first marriage certificate for any civil union couple who marry. 


June 2018

The Public Trustee and Guardian (PTG) was established on 1 April 2016, bringing together the former Public Trustee and Public Guardian functions into one agency.

We have listened to our customers, our stakeholders and our staff. We are responding to several independent audits of our functions and services. Our current and ongoing focus is to build public confidence and trust in the Public Trustee and Guardian brand, its services and products.

Our Business Transformation Project is our response to those challenges and aims to ensure that every Canberran knows about us, receives value, trusts us, and is happy with their outcomes.

We have committed to increased accountability and transparency around performance and service delivery in the best interests of our clients.

We are proud of the feedback we are now receiving from our customers and look forward to working hard to build a better, more responsive and accountable Public Trustee and Guardian.

Andrew Taylor