The Power to Choose

A comprehensive guide to, and forms for, Enduring Powers of Attorney in the ACT:
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PTG GoingPublic Newsletters

Going Public: Issue 6, April 20173.08 MB
The Going Public April 2017 issue deals with upcoming events with a special focus on Taxation matters.

Going Public: Issue 5, September 20162.70 MB

Going Public: Issue 4, February 20162.07 MB

Going Public: Issue 3, August 2015 3.16 Mb

Going Public: Issue 2, February 2015 1.89 Mb

Going Public: Issue 1, August 2014 1.61 Mb

Fact sheets

National Standards for Public Guardianship – Easy English version852.02 KB

PTG Fact sheet: Guardianship for Private Guardians210.77 KB

PTG Fact sheet: National standards for Guardians217.19 KB

PTG Fact sheet: Guardianship by the Public Trustee and Guardian211.24 KB

PTG Fact sheet: Wills214.64 KB

PTG Fact sheet: Executor Assist215.75 KB

PTG Fact sheet: Information about our services228.22 KB

PTG Fact sheet: Investments

PTG Fact sheet: Financial Management for Protected Persons216.21 KB

PTG Fact sheet: Elder Abuse248.58 KB

PTG Fact sheet: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PTG Fact sheet: Duties of an Executor212.71 KB

PTG Fact sheet: Pets Wills210.33 KB

PTG Fact sheet: Powers of Attorney

PTG Fact sheet: When you are unable to manage your affairs216.21 KB

PTG Fact sheet: Complaints240.53 KB

PTG Fact sheet: Wills for Indigenous Islander Persons213.06 KB

PTG Fact sheet: National standards for financial managers233.50 KB

PTG Fact sheet: Fees352.53 KB

GreaterGood Fact sheet: Philanthrophy 600 Kb

GreaterGood Fact sheet: Workplace giving 395.05 Kb

Translated fact sheets by language

Chinese; Italian; Sinhala; Tamil and Vietnamese

PTG Fact sheet: Powers of Attorney:
[ Chinese ] [ Italian ] [ Sinhala ] [ Tamil ] [ Vietnamese ]

PTG Fact sheet: Duties of an Executor
[ Chinese  ] [ Italian ] [ Sinhala ] [ Tamil ] [ Vietnamese ]

PTG Fact sheet: Information about our services
[ Chinese  ] [ Italian ] [ Sinhala ] [ Tamil ] [ Vietnamese ]

PTG Fact sheet: Wills
[ Chinese  ] [ Italian ] [ Sinhala ] [ Tamil ] [ Vietnamese ]


Guidelines for purchase of real estate by private financial managers 127.18 Kb

Guidelines for sale of real estate by private financial managers 124.31 Kb


Declaration by Service Provider161.00 KB

The Power to Choose2 MB
(A comprehensive guide to, and forms for, Enduring Powers of Attorney in the ACT)

General Power of Attorney Form 61.52 Kb

Enduring Power of Attorney Form158.22 KB (WORD23.69 KB)

Health Direction (ACT Government - Legislation Register website)

Application for an Emergency Management Order 69.40 Kb

Annual reports

Public Trustee and Guardian

Public Trustee and Guardian - 2015-2016 Annual Report15.98 MB

Public Trustee for the ACT

PTACT - 2015 Annual Report 14.11 Mb

PTACT - 2014 Annual Report 6.43 Mb

PTACT - 2013 Annual Report 5.54 Mb 

PTACT - 2012 Annual Report 4.10 Mb

PTACT - 2011 Annual Report 7.52 Mb

PTACT - 2010 Annual Report 7.83 Mb

PTACT - 2009 Annual Report 7 Mb

PTACT - 2008 Annual Report 7.39 Mb

PTACT - 2007 Annual Report 7.20 Mb

PTACT - 2006 Annual Report 5.75 Mb

PTACT - 2005 Annual Report 9.86 Mb

PTACT - 2004 Annual Report 5.51 Mb

PTACT - 2003 Annual Report - incorporating the Canberra Bush Fire Recovery Appeal Report 801.00 Kb

PTACT - 2002 Annual Report 1.75 Mb

PTACT - 2001 Annual report 770.89 Kb

PTACT - Financial statements 2000-01 932.18 Kb

PTACT - 2000 Annual Report 1.28 Mb

PTACT - 1999 Annual Report 1.35 Mb

Annual reports: Public Advocate of the ACT*

Public Advocate of the ACT - 2015-2016 Annual Report2.12 MB | WORD7.59 MB

*Links are to the Public Advocate of the ACT website:

014-15 PA ACT Annual Report:PDF [1214KB] | HTML version | WORD [3126KB]

2013-14 PA ACT Annual Report: PDF [1390KB] | WORD [1006KB]

2012-13 PA ACT Annual Report PDF [2202KB]

2011-12 PA ACT Annual Report PDF [1176KB]

2010-11 PA ACT Annual Report PDF [1941KB]

2009-10 PA ACT Annual Report PDF [1377KB]


Public Trustee Privacy Policy | PDF (147KB)

Blog article

Blog article: Challenging a will: money or family (14 Jun 2015) - Author: Adele Horin (Coming of Age - blog)


Having the last word? Will making and contestation in Australia 1.06 Mb (Key findings: ARC Linkage Project, March 2015)

This research project is the culmination of a four year collaborative study co-funded by Public Trustees and the University of Queensland under an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant.

The project developed the first national data set on who does and does not make a will and why, as well as the nature of will contests in Australia and factors associated with their occurrence and resolution. The aims were to identify the prevalence of will making, the allocation principles used, the challenges faced by individuals and will drafters in making wills and the patterns and problems arising from contestation of wills.

The research findings are intended to provide an evidence base for public education campaigns, professional education, service and practice responses to meet specialised needs, and law reform.