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Unclaimed money

Unclaimed money

The Public Trustee and Guardian administers money that have been declared unclaimed under the Unclaimed Money Act 1950, the Agents Act 2003 and the Legal Profession Act 2006. There are different claim requirements under each of the acts.

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Unclaimed Money Act 1950

Unclaimed money paid to the Public Trustee and Guardian under the Unclaimed Money Act generally relate to accounts that have been inactive for over six years and can include deposits, dividends, trust account funds, interest, refunds, overpayments, sale proceeds and bonds.

Unclaimed Money from bank, building society and credit union accounts are administered by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. With effect from 14 March 2011, claims for unclaimed superannuation money should be made to the Australian Taxation Office Superannuation Lost Members' Register SuperSeeker.

Agents Act 2003

Unclaimed Money under the Agents Act are trust money held by licensed agents (including real estate, travel, business, stock and station and employment agents) for more than three years as declared unclaimed to the ACT Office of Regulatory Services.

Legal Profession Act 2006

Unclaimed Money under the Legal Profession Act are money held in trust accounts by solicitors for more than six years without being able to locate the entitled persons, or where the person has refused to accept the funds.

Unclaimed money FAQs

Do I have to complete a claim form for every amount of unclaimed money on your website or can I combine them?

We prefer it if you combine all your unclaimed money amounts on the one claim.

What do you mean by “certified copy”?

A certified copy is a photocopy of an original document, legal or other, which has been certified as being a true copy by a qualified person.

Do I have unclaimed moneys in any other state / territory?

To access the online search facilities for other states / territories in Australia, check our unclaimed money links (below).

Please contact us if you require assistance.